Saturday, 20 September 2008

19th September

We finally managed to get a coat of paint on today! After a few hours of preparation, hoovering the hull and making some final repairs. Then on with the paint!

Friday, 19 September 2008

18th September 08

To the boat show today to dream about the boats! The most expensive sailing yacht? A 4.5 million Oyster! Jim was most excited about a folding catamaran and was sailing it all the way home!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

17th September

Today we were expecting to paint until we woke up and it was raining! We took the morning off, Mike went onto town to find the library. After lunch we took up the floor in what will be the two double cabins to put some plumbing in and make some changes to the floor. Jim went to work in the aft cabin fitting the radiators. Jack and Mike sanded the fairing down that we put on the deck yesterday.

16th September

Jim, Jack and Mike spent the day putting more fairing on the deck, after cleaning it and making sure there was no dust by scrubbing, brushing and hoovering the deck! We filled in all the major holes on the deck, theres still a long way to go! We also prepared the hull for the first coat of undercoat which we should be able to do tomorrow, filling in a couple of cracks with epoxy, sanding down the last bits of fairing and brushing away the dust. Dave was working in the aft cabin planning, also our finned tube radiators turned up and he started work on mounting them.

Monday, 15 September 2008

15th September 08

Mike started by cutting out some pieces of wood and filling in some gaps with silicone for to complete the deck head and make sure there will be no air trapped underneath the teak when its laid. Mike and Dave then tacked the various pieces of steel which need welding. Jack and Jim did some more work outside, Jack sanding and painting over some rust on the deck and sanded down some patches of fairing, Jim put some more fairing around the outside of the hull.

14th September 08

Jack and Jim went sailing in the morning to cure the hangovers! Then came back and watched the Grand Prix, Mike went into town for a look round and Dave repaired our cooking burner!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

13th September 08

A relaxed day today, Jack and Jim were never going to be productive after the pub! Mikes first day so we just relaxed and did a few small jobs. Dave bent the metal plate for the air conditioning pump and we drilled some drainage holes in the stirs. Had a bbq in the evening with Brian and Mishka.