Wednesday, 2 November 2011

First mock up of water/fuel/battery levels - wiring done by Kammy.

Here we have the first layer of constructional mahogany vaneer on the wheelhouse.Quite a fiddly job and lots of clamps. This will transform the wheelhouse and once varnished the windscreen and side windows will be fitted.

THEN we can start on the "dashboard" for the sailing instruments,compass,radar display,etc.

Plastic pipr for the various wires within the mast finally being fitted .

Can't believe I'm actually drilling a HOLE in the side!

Kammy the with his turn as the cook.

Spiders are all very well - but the legs get stuck between your teeth !!

"Skippy" ,Dylan, "Kammy" and "Snowy"

Ah - the varnishing - makes it all worth while !!

Accentuates the designer Alan pape of his amazing sheer line of the boat.

Hers we hqave some pics of Scotty (New Zealand) and his masterpiece coming togfether very nicely!

From the assembly qand fitting of the diferent teak pieces that were machined shaped,laminated ,glued and attached to the steel cap rail of the boat - right through to the final sanding and then -.......the varnishing that brought it all to life.

Great job !