Friday, 12 September 2008

12th September 08

More sanding outside today! Jack and Jim finished the decks and the transom ready to apply more fairing too get to the final level coat when the weather permits! Dave spent the morning with Brian 'using his workshop to work with some metal and get it ready for welding', Later on in the pub there was talk of a coffee shop!! The biggest news from today is that now there are four of us! A Welshman, An Austrailian, An Englishman and An American! Anybody got any jokes?

Thursday, 11 September 2008

11th September 08

Outside again today! Jack and Jim were on a major sanding mission! Sanding the firing down on the wheel house roof, the coach roof, the poop deck and some on the transom! Dave spent most of the day doing chores in town and also made some more progress with the cap rail. The weather stayed good until the evening and Jack and Jim went for a paddle up river in the canadian canoe!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

10th September 08

At last a good enough day to work outside!!! Jack and Dave made the plinth for the dive compressor ready to be welded, Jim and Jack were also working on the deck of the boat chipping off some fairing where rust was coming through, grinding the paint off until bare steel was showing and re-applying the paint to cover it. Jim also made a start on trying to level the fairing on the deck which is going to be a lengthy process!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

9th September 08

Jim mounted and plumbed in the radiator for the forward cabin, as well as linking up the heating pipes for the 2 main cabins. Jack and Dave cut out the steel plates and the plates to constuct plinth for the air con pump in the engine room, cut some supports for the washing machine ready to be welded, levelled up the frame for the dryer and made some supports to keep it level and finally linked up the last of the rudder assembly and made the rudder stops which are also ready to be welded.

8th Spetember 08

It took most of the morning for Dave to wade through the bureaucrasy of registering the boat with MCA.(Maritime and Coastguard Agency)
For two simple measurement calculations which HAD to be submitted by an MCA recognised surveying organisation ONLY - the cost was £140 on top of the MCA fee !! ugh!
Anyway - the boat is as good as registered !
The name of the boat is.........................
A -Ha .! .......Secret until the launch !! LOL !!
Oh - Jim did some sailing and Jack was pissed off at the result of the Grand Priz !

7th Spetember 08

Today Dave planned out the aft cabin bunk layout, located the frame to hold the clothes dryer and the air/con condenser unit.Also planned the fitting of the c/heating finned tube radiators, yet to be ordered.
The bulkheads were cut to support the two forward and aft bunks.
The construction of the plinth over the finned tubes was also planned.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

6th septmeber 08

Day off completely !! It's TOO depressing with this appalling weather. If anyone wants any "cats and dogs" - we have them in abundance coming down on us here!There's a chance we needn't launch the boat - just float away!!!