Sunday, 21 August 2011

Out of this chaos of timber pieces - we hope to be borne a mast!! On the right is the final scarph of the side pieces - 7.5 " x 2"...... x 65 feet!

This is a rough sawn scarph prior to surface routing in the scarphing jig - which makes a perfect scarph.
Next step is to plane and taper the fore, aft, and side pieces in their full lengths - ready to assemble the main mast

Here's Kammy (Poland) struggling away in the limited space of the en-suite heads for the double cabins.Through the doorway is the carcass start for the foremast cover,between the two heads .

This is the galley coming together at last = lots of underlying work !Here we see the smoke/grease filter and the start of the teak cup and glass holders.

Alex ( Colorado - USA) getting those holes drilled for the cups.

The old ply mock up - on the new beech workyop and teak fiddle.

Her's Scotty (New Zealand)persevering with the sanding of the caprail side pieces - once the cap rail is complete - it will make a huge - huge difference to the look of the boat - accentuating the beautiful "sheer" lines of this Alan Pape design.

we have here the basic start to the cap rail - being fitted around the side of the bullwarks .Huge job undertaken by Scotty ( New Zealand) The laminated "J" pieces joining the

transition between the mid,side decks to the adt (poop) deck will be covered by solid pieces of teak.

All the bolt heads you see will be counterbored and hidden under teak plugs, the sides will be solid teak too,all rounded and sanded...then... comes the varnishing !!!

here's some much belated pics - this is the great "mock up" for the aft cabin heater grills - the outlets on the top, the intake slots at sole level for the heater matrix and at the back is the larger intake grill for the aircon unit which is behind the grill.
Well done Dylan - all works great! make it all in teak !!