Sunday, 18 July 2010

As much as I love Asda canned "Irish Stew" = very filling and nourishing for £1 !!!

Thank God for a decent Cook ......... Brent cookin' up a storm!!

Mast Making

Another TWO scarphs this weekend - that means two corner pieces of the main mast - two more to go.Then the sides and fore& aft pieces.Here Brent is making the first "rough" cut with the circulat saw - to be made just right with the router as before.

Navigation table mocked up in ply - to make sure there's enough room ! Can take full size chart with ONE fold!

Well - another week has past and we're getting along with things just fine.Gales the other day -demolished our Gazebo over the woodworking bench and tore a huge panelout of the workshop tent.All under control and will be repaired soon!

Batteries have been installed permenantly under the starboard side bench seat ( two more to be added soon) all controlled by the new 3 stage sophisticated battery charger ( posh price too!!) together with the inverter for 240 volt power.