Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Saloon start.

This is the start of the portside - the seating,cocktail cabinet and the navigation station and also the permanent location of the household batteries,charger and inverter,etc.The permanent sole was laid and the main hold hatch fitted.
Watch this space!

The First Mast Scarphs.

Plate nuts all tight, glue oozing.....perfect!
Dave getting those nuts tight - one by one!
Ready for the glue.....

Laser target at the end of the 70 foot 4"x 4" scarphed and glued and spot on the target cross.
The laser at the other end. I have allways been worrying that the mast scarphs would be a devil of a job - the carpentry,joints,etc are basic stuff -but our first two scarphs made us a lump of Sitka Spruce 120mm x 120mm.........20 metres in length !!!
With the mast strongback carefully laid out , bolted together and fixed to the heavy steel trestles, all made level and straight.
The scarphing jig and router facing frame, all worked out beautifully! All the preparation came together.......
Brent,starting on the hull exterior - a huge job. Juha at the work bench.

The beginnings of the workshop.

The workshop tent and the bench.

The CREW - Dave (Cardiff!) - Brent (Colorado) and Juha (Finland)

After a disastrous year, one way and another, the Prince Madoc is on the go once again - at last!
We have a new crew - Juha ( Finland) and Brent (Colorado) hopefully Ansell (USA) to join us in August.
Our goal this summer is to paint the outside of the boat,add the water line,boot top coveline and fit the rubbing strakes and cap rail.
Also - build the masts!