Tuesday, 20 January 2009

14th January 09.

Ray fitted the aft cabin upper berth supports and Dave fitted the one way valves and supports for the engine and gennny exhausts.Next will be the making of gaskets and fitting the exhaust outlets.Here you can see the steering box,the shaft and the gear cog for the auto pilot.

10th January09

Dive compressor located on it's base,yet to be attached to the main engine so it vibrates "in unison" when operating.8 cfm - it's a cracker!
We also have a "hooker" compressor.This is placed in a rubber ring or dinghy,with two 30ft lines and a demand valve on each, you can dive all day to 30ft - that's until the petrol runs out!

8th January 09

Completing the main engine and generator system is next.Ray and Dave have been fitting the starter battery,box and connectionor the generator also at last the new panels,Accoustic pads have yet to be installed.Ray checked and altered where needed the complete exhaust pipes,etc for the main engine and genny.We fitted the anti-sypons for both as well.

23rd November 08

Washing machine and drier fully installed and working - so no more (expensive) treks to the local laundromat!

16th November 08

Ray and Dave have now been able to fit the radiators in the double cabins, fix all the central heating "snags" ( leaks!!)too! Ray fitted the expansion vessel and we soon got the central heating boiler working properly. That took a visit by a specialist oil burner engineeer who tested the diesel oil pressure,jet size and ignition adjustment.Dave fitted an automatic thermostat - so now we can wake up to a warm boat!