Sunday, 22 August 2010

This is our board planer for the mast timbers - 12" wide! Made up from a planer thicknesser unit - a lot less expensive than a commercial board planer (at £1,200 )!!and - it works!!

The night the generator broke down!!

Our custom made fridge has finally arrived.With the door off a domestic "tabletop" fridge it all looks real good.With inside of our fridge wider than the door there's almost the same capacity as a under worktop fridge!It remains now to fit it all together.


Well - rain stopped all the real progress this week,We couldn't get the hull ready for the last grey undercoat to go on this Sat/Sun.
Not to worry - we started erecting the new "workshop" marquee.Much, much better than the old tent which the gales ripped apart.