Monday, 20 June 2011

The first board planing of the masts' corner posts -four of them 65 feet long!

Alex going "solo" and on the right Dylan "taking the strain" for Dave with the "back pack dust collector!

Long boards !!
dave holding the completed trailboard pattern
- neat scroll work!

Trail board.expansion.

Kam and Dave cutting out the finished pattern for the Trail Boards.

This intricate,beatiful design will be transferred to teak at a later date.

Aft heads (toilets) plinth-

here Kam is starting the aft cabin heads plinth.On which will sit the toilet and cupboard under the handbasin.

Focsle berth

Kam is staring the fitting of the carcass for the focsle berth - over the (anchor) chain locker .The stainless srteel pipes are the chain pipes - guiding the abchor chain from the windlass on deck - to the chain liocker below tyhe new berth.

aft cabin heating covers

This is the "weetabix" pattern scribed on to a ply board -then on to 19mm ply for final fitting of grating before the teak is cut

.The slots on the lower edge is the cool air intake for the heater matrix,the hot air will escape through grills on the upper flat teak coverboard.

Here we have the remnants of many breakfasts !!!-

Weetabix boxes ALWAYS come in handy for pattern making!

The cove and boot top lines ....lookin' good!

Alex - "all my own work "!! completes the undercoats for the boot-top and cove lines.
One the right are the "shark fins" ropelines.

Top - Alex painting on the ropelines

Right - the start of the cove line undercoat.

Trail board.

How does THAT look Dave ?

Seeing how the shape of the Trail board fits the cove lines with a smooth and fair flow.

Cove and boot-top lines

Alex and Dylan making sure the line was "fair".

Cove and boot-top lines

Here we have the marking out of the Boot-top and cove lines.Really difficult even with extra strong magnets to help hold the plastic conduit in a "fair curve" for marking.

Worked well in the end.

Here we have Kam (Poland),Alex(USA ) and Dylan (France)

New crew !!!

Now is the time to introduce the two new crew members....... We have Kamil ("Owen") Janczulewicz(Poland) and Alexander (pronounced with a distinct RUSSIAN accent) ("Hub") Petit ( Colorado,USA).

Comunication has sometimes been strained when Kamil (holding his framework) was yelling at Dave - the OWEN - the OWEN !!! - Dave said...what ARRE you talking about - the OWEN ??.

It was a few minutes when Dave realised that "V"s are pronounced as a "W".

Kam ("Owen"! LOL) has never heard the end of it!! You would think that USA/Brit comunication would be somewhat easier ( apart from some US spelling mistakes ( !!! LOL )but when asked if the one hole in the beautiful work-top he varnished fited the HOB - he said - "HUB ??" what the hell is a "HUB"??? - "HOB" to the rest of us !! ha ha !!

So I hope you all love the "familly portraits !!

Frame work for the Oven.

This is the frame work Kamil is making to hold the "owen" ( OVEN to the rest of us!!) in place under the worktop.

Gslley work top

The new galley work-top - solid beech.Alex applying the last coat of varnish.The holes are for the "Hub" (Hob to the rest of us !!) and the sink unit - with the "Owen"underneath.

New workshop

This is the new workshop - every machine you could want - will turn the project around for progress on the interior,etc.