Saturday, 31 July 2010

No new pics for this weekend - lots of work accomplished but.....same ol' stuff !
Hull sanding is coming along fine,
Seating area sole bolted down permanently - ready for the seating framework.
FOUR more mast scarphs sawn and faced off .... but the glue didn't turn up in Friday :-(
so we couldn't glue the last remaining corner posts for the main mast.
Not to worry - they will be done during next week fer sure!
Fridge interior arrived and was test fitted to make sure it was just right - that's been taken back now to fit the shelves,etc.The ply outside carcass (fridge) and compressor are all ready in the galley.
The last two battery main cables are fitted, ready for the last two batteries to complete the bank.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Saloon seating/table area.

Major effort this weekwas clearing the saloon ready to start the seating carcass.

Watch this spot!

More scarphs!

The shed's never long enough !!
Facing off the rough saw cut with the router and sliding jig.

Sawdust flying everywhere!

Two more scarphs

And - another two!

Two more complete pairs of scarphs have been cut and faced off with the router and jig.More resorcinol glue will be with us next week (after payday!!)During the week we will cut the last two scarphs which will complete the four corner posts.Next will be to saw and plane these to the finshed sizes.
The fore,aft and side planks will be next to scarph.

Another week passes,weather slows the hullsanding,etc down but we've fitted the fridge compressor ready for the delivery of the custom built fridge itself,the outer pl;y case is there to fit it in and then fill the space between with expanded polyurethane foam.

Hopefully then now more funny tasting milk!!