Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Stainless steel sea water intake filter finished - s
tops any debris entering the manifold supplying the cooling (sea) water to rhe engine,generator,gland/cutlass bearing lubrication,supply to the heads,deck-wash andgalley.
Fresh water plumbing - miles of it! hot and cold,two supplies from the water tank(640 gallons)
one feed to the tank(from the water-makers), sea-water feed to the heads,etc grey water from the heads and black water pipes to come !

New crew.......l to r.....Ian (South Africa),Dave (Wales!),Dylan (France) and Scott (USA)
Starboard double cabin with the timber and ply cleats ready for the decor teak ply to be added,covering the joints will be teak pillars,etc
Dylan Roi ( France) has joined us to help move things along.Dylan is a Med student - so his time is precious and his help invaluable !

Deep sea seal on the prop shaft with it's water lubricating supply(coming up from the bottom right T joint) and anti-syphon escape tube(coming from the seal down to the bottom right)The tube traveling along the bottom from the T joint is the seawter supply to the Cutlass bearing.On the shaft itself is the anti-galvanic corrosion carbon brush gismo - this will protect the shaft and prop from galv corr from the sea water.

Foc's'l cabin,collision bulkhead on the left and ply cleats ready for the decorative addition of teak ceiling strips.

Scott ( USA) with us for a short while - clamping the hydraulic supply,return and control pipes to power the bow thruster and windlass.

Ian (S.Africa) teeth like rivets !! - pinning the ply cleats with rivets to the steel frames - ready for the decorative teak ply and teak "ceiling" strips to be added.

Aft Cabin starboard side,looking aft - the "rough" framewrok for the bunks,etc

Aft cabin with the steering box,location of the seat and the aircon evaporator unit under.

Aft cabin, port side looking aft.