Friday, 26 November 2010

The facia for the heating radiators in the saloon being drilled and cut by James (Canada),behind these will be small computer type fans to give a gentle flow of hot air and dissipate the heat more efficiently.Covering the vents will be brass expanded grills.

Now ..... the carcassing of the saloon seating is almost finished ! It has taken a long time due to the complexities of the curves involved,strength maintained and a compartment for the freezer unit.
Start of the fitting of the bowthruster .. to seat the hydraulic motor mount neatly on the tube I chose a nrather quick setting "plastic steel" - 5 mins !!! wasn't enough time !! This wekend we have a 40 minute working time with another make .......we'll see !

We have at last marked in the water line !!!! had to wait quite a while for the wind to die - as it made the laser level shiver ! We were able to add the lower line of the boot top too.You can't see the laser line - but it's there!!

The upper line is a bit more tricky 1 and so far attempts at a smooth fair curve the length of the boat has not been successful - however ....!!! ... we are awaiting the dilivery of some rare earth magnets which we will glue to the plastic marking edge - hopefully we slide the edge around and get that fair curve!!!

well - the last few months have been interesting ! Ups and downs,things happening,problems and solutions !

My Laptop gave up the ghost some time back and with all my blog info on it - prevented updates!

The biggest "Down" has been the weather - wild wet and windy - as in gales>Our super workshop was flattened FOUR times in three weeks - disn't help matters or moral.

Thses pics show before and after.......multiplied by FOUR.

The fourth time was the last straw and we are eagerly awaiting delivery of a good sized portacabin soon - now THAT will be great!!!