Monday, 8 October 2012

Well...........THIS is going to be our windlass ( to haul the anchors and help mooring) This was originally a single gypsy with a single warping drum.Now all the machine shop work has been done, a new shaft for two gypsies and warping drums.Some more "small" workshop mods to be done,some holes re-drilled and tapped and new bolts fitted.Re- assembly and a re-paint,the modifcation to add a hydraulic motor, will complete a very expensive ( bought new) piece of equipment.

Yes - it WILL come together!!

One of the two chain gypsies, .warping drum and clutch control

The base with the old paint cleaned off and new gypsy pawl and shaft.
Raffy in the workshop putting the finishing touches to one of the beams for the inside of the wheelhouse.We are having a "back canopy" made for the wheelhouse.As the boat is aft end into the prevailing winds here, we need something to let us get along with the wheelhouse interior.If it's not raining - it's windy and both can arrive horizontally!!
still more repairs to the epoxy covering layers.Boring work - but finishing well with Lucho !

We are still hoping to get the VERY last, FINAL undercoat on once the repairs and fairing is done.

Aft side and transome repair has come out well.

Luch - with a rare sunny day !
Here are the first layer of the Deck Beams inside the boat (Starboard Cabin) - many of them !

Port Cabin

Main Saloon

Main Saloon

Main Saloon, next to the companionway exit.

Main Saloon ( with the main knees in way of the main mast - they too will be covered in Teak.)
JB measuring and markinh up one of the many deck beam layers.
Vincent fitting the  first layer of the (decorative) deck beams throughout the boat - MANY to do! 
Here we have the last remaining jobs inside the foremast. The inlet for the cables at the base,insdie the boat.

Cable outlets at the lower spreaders for the down/decklights under the spreaders and the radar scanner.

The cable outlet at the upper spreaders for the steaming/motoring white light.
Here's the new crew at the 2012 Boat Show at Southampton ! L - Right ...Rafael (Portugal) "JB" (France) Dave (Wales !!) Goulven and Vincent (France) Good day out!