Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bow thruster leg FITS
Stb prop ON!
Port prop and anode ON!!
They both FIT !!
Contra-rotating props.
Here we go again - right size hole in the right place for the right size bow thruster leg!
Looks good!
Bolt holes and gasket to secure it all together.
It FITS !!!
Hydraulic motor and cage fitted.
Here we go again - drilling the correct size hole for the correct size (at last) bow thruster leg.

Quite the piece of kit - hydraulic driven, contra-rotating props.

it's IN !!!!
Running free as the wind !!
Tied off so it doesn't slice my head off - went up fairly easily .
Finally received the new re-furbished windvane.Went up fairly easily - the ladder stayed put this time!