Sunday, 11 September 2011

Scotty !

Here's our "Koncentrating Kiwi" - Scotty, hard at a crossword.

Main Mast sides

the aft stave and corners glued in place.

"Skippy" (!!!) tightening down one of the 65 pairs of clamps.

Top spacers,keeping the side staves in place while they are clamped securely at the bottom.

ALL done - now a day for the glue to cure.

This shows the aft staves and corners glues and the top spacers ready for the sides to be glued and put in place - then clamped.

No pics of the glueing spare hands available!!

Main Mast

Here we have a happy kiwi and crew drudging through tightening the 65 sets of clamps holding the aft timber and corners in place while the glue sets.We had 60 minutes before the glue started to harden.......NO MISTAKES........HESITATIONS.....COCK UPS ..........we..... DID IT !!

the galley

here's the galley coming along nicely,mug and glass holders made by Alex out of soild Teak.

Hob in place, touch controlled - wonderful!,sink in place - hot'n'cold running water and some "squeezy" for the all important dish washing!!

Cupboard frames for the left and right to be made places for the coffee,tea etc in front.

Must find room for the wheatabix!
Oven (Kams' "Owen" ! ) and the fridge soon.