Saturday, 2 May 2009

Teak and Sitka Spruce stock for deck and masts..

Ian sat on our Burma (Myanma) Teak stock all quarter sawn ready to cut off the deck strips and coverboards,margin planks, cap rails, etc There's about 2 tons here, half of our stock - the rest is for the interior fitting out.
Well - here's the new site, looks quite nice here in the sunshine - but when the wind blows..........
Sitka Spruce for making the 67ft and 57ft masts.They will be hollow and oval in shape,when they are finshed and varnished ( lots of varnish!) they will be real works of art !
Ian is here in the container storing the Sitka - 38ft lengths with NO knots, straight as a die!On the left is the mahogany constructional vaneer to cover the steel work of the wheelhouse,the darker timber is more teak boards planed ready for use.